Roof Replacement By Lucero's Roofing In Roseville, CA

3 Reasons You Should Work ONLY With
Locally Based Roofing Contractors

Don’t Get Fooled By Low Quotes
From Out-Of-Town Roofers

If you are a homeowner seeking roof repair or roof replacement in Roseville, CA, you may be weighing your options between hiring a local roofing contractor or a national company.

There is comfort in dealing with a large and recognizable brand, of course. But you can often achieve better results with a local contractor like Lucero’s Roofing. We handle all the tasks that the monster businesses do – such as residential and commercial roof replacement, maintenance, and repair – but we offer benefits the big guys can’t.

For instance, because we are right around the corner from you, it is far easier to reach us when you have a problem and need a quick solution.

Moreover, because we don’t have the overhead of many large roofing businesses, we can often provide a better value for your home improvement dollar.

Finally, we are devoted to serving and bettering our community in a way that the national brands just can’t match.

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Local Knowledge, Local History,
And Local Investment

Although the big guys have colossal marketing budgets and can immerse a region in TV, radio, and print advertising, they can’t do what we do.

They can’t give you personalized, down-home service. They have too many target areas to juggle. This makes them similar to the Jack-of-all-trades – who is master of none.

We, on the other hand, are masters of Sacramento roof replacement.

What can we do that they can’t do?

Provide Local References

If you request references from a Goliath-sized roofing company, they may show you reviews from customers in Baton Rouge, LA, Kalamazoo, MI, or even Coon Rapids, IA.

Who are these people? You don’t know.

Are they real? You don’t know.

What do these places have to do with you? You don’t know.

One thing you do know: they aren’t from Roseville, CA.

However, if you ask us – or another local roofing company – for references, we’ll haul out lists of rave reviews from Sacramento-area homeowners and businesses. They could even be your friends or neighbors.

The point is, they aren’t strangers from a distant state. You can call them. Maybe you can meet them for a beer. They’ll tell you about the great experience they had with Lucero’s Roofing. They might even invite you over to have a look for yourself.

Because local roofers provide local references.

Contribute To The Local Tax Base

Local roof replacement contractors can often charge lower rates for their work because they don’t have to include transportation costs in their quotes. For instance, national companies often bear the expenses of flying workers and shipping supplies to your location.

Local roofers, on the other hand, are already here. We get our materials from the local supply outlet. The money we spend goes to area businesses, not to some out-of-state discount supply joint.

The money we earn replacing roofs and fixing roof leaks gets spent in Roseville, CA. The taxes on our profits benefit Roseville, Sacramento, and the state. The wages we pay our workers are spent in your neighborhoods. Our charitable giving goes to local organizations and nonprofits.

With a national roofing company, all that money gets sucked out of state.

Master Local Codes & Regulations

At Lucero’s Roofing, we have been serving businesses and homeowners throughout the Sacramento area for more than 23 years. Throughout those decades, we have become intimately familiar with local roofing codes and regulations

We understand state and local guidelines concerning roof design, slope, and insulation. We comply with all fire codes and are familiar with the different codes governing commercial, multi-family, and single-family residential buildings.

Can a national contractor say the same? Almost certainly not.

You might choose the comfort of a familiar brand name but find their work doesn’t meet local regulations. It might even compromise your safety.

That doesn’t happen when you work with a local roofing contractor.

To work with a proven Sacramento-area roof replacement specialist, request a free quote from us at Lucero’s Roofing in Roseville, CA.