People In A House Using Buckets To Catch Falling Water From Ceiling From Leaking Roofs

5 Tips For Managing Residential Roof
Leaks In El Dorado Hills, CA

A Guide To Keeping Your Stuff
Safe From A Leaky Roof

Sometimes, you need a little help before the professionals get there for a residential roof leak repair on your El Dorado Hills, CAhome. With water coming from your ceiling, your home needs some quick action to prevent more issues.

Lucero’s Roofing offers advice and residential roof leak repair. We have walked into homes that experienced more than a trickle from their roof, and this is how we would respond to water coming in through the ceiling.

#1 Move Valuables Before Your Residential Roof Repair

Water is damaging to a lot of things in your house outside of your bathroom and kitchen sink. You’ll want your very first step to be to move anything valuable away from dripping water. This especially includes anything wood, fabric, or keepsakes like old printed photos.

Do you have things that are too heavy to move right away, like furniture or a piano? First, you’ll want to dry up any standing water with a towel or shop vac. Then, you could use tarps, plastic covers, or even garbage bags to shield them from water.

#2 Catch Some Water To Avoid Water Damage

The next step is to collect the water that is falling from your ceiling. Start by using everyday containers like buckets, garbage cans, and kitchen items like pots and pans. Place these right under the leaks.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on these containers. Water is a bit heavier than you might think when collected in larger containers than pots and pans. Be ready to pick these up and empty them in a safe place on a regular basis.

#3 Check For Ceiling Bulges That Could Cause
Water Damage

Water invading your ceiling can easily get trapped in the drywall or popcorn ceiling and create a hanging bulge full of water. While it might seem like a bulge of water hanging from your ceiling is stopping water from falling, it’s actually a bad thing. Water trapped in your ceiling can easily damage more of your home and roof.

So get a container, place it underneath the bulge, then pop it! Let the water drain out into the container – and the water will be in a safer place than before.

#4 Start Getting Photos Of Water Damage From Your
Leaky Roof

Your insurance agreement should have some level of protection on items in your house that are damaged by a leaky roof. As sad as it is to have items damaged, your insurance may pay to replace them. You’ll just need photographic proof that you owned the damaged items.

So start taking pictures of any damage. You’ll need to be prepared to send these to your insurance representative.

Also, your professional roofing contractor will take pictures of the exterior damage on your roof – so focus on the stuff inside of your house instead of climbing on the roof and taking photos there too.

#5 Connect With A Roofing Contractor For Residential
Roof Leak Repair

At this point, with your things safer than they used to be, you should have the opportunity to reach out to a roofing contractor. While you might be tempted to climb on the roof and attempt to repair any damage by yourself, getting on a ladder isn’t the best idea for many homeowners – and it’s best to get roof leaks professionally repaired to ensure the fix lasts.
Lucero’s Roofing can get you started with roof repairs or replacement.

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Lucero’s Roofing, in El Dorado Hills, CA, offers expert and professional residential roof leak repair. Schedule an in-person consultation with us to get started on fixing your drippy roof.