5 Signs Of Roof Leaks In Your Roseville Area
Home That Need Residential Roof Repair

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Expertise Spotting Leaks And Damage

Your home offers telltale signs of issues with your roof that result in leaks. If you can spot leaks, you’ll definitely benefit from residential roof repair on your Roseville, CA home.

We’ll share our knowledge of roof leaks with you and let you know what to look for in your home. Your home can tell you what’s happening. You just have to know where to look.

1. Dripping In Your Attic Often Means
You Need Residential Roof Repair

Your attic should be a fairly quiet place. If you hear the repetitive sound of water dripping, you likely have a leak somewhere that you’ll see inside soon enough. Rainfall and snowmelt that enter your attic can often come in rather slowly and then cause damage to the interior of your home.

If your attic is easily accessible, go take a listen! Otherwise, you can also call us for a roof inspection! We’ll let you know if there is a drip and offer residential roof repair services to fix the issue.

2. Water Stains On Your Home’s Ceiling Are
A Sign You Need Residential Roof Repair

Water stains on your ceiling might be subtle, but they are cause for concern. Stains tend to come in the form of discoloration or bumps within drywall and are often gray, brown, or a different shade of your existing ceiling color.

You’ll often find stains in the center of a roof or toward the edges, though they could appear anywhere.

If water is coming into your home, there is a higher potential for mold to form along with further damage to the structure of your roof. The sooner you fix it, the better!

3. Does Your Home Have Mold? Mold Can Be A Sign Of
The Need For Residential Roof Repair

You’ve probably seen mold before, hopefully not in your home, though! Mold looks like spotted colors and can be black and appear to be grainy or even fuzzy. Unfortunately, mold also represents a threat to respiratory health as the substance contains spores that can harm your lungs.

If you notice mold in your home, the problem could stem from roof leaks or moisture otherwise entering your roof. You’ll most likely see mold in the corners of your ceilings as water builds up on your housing materials.

While you can carefully remove mold and stop its growth, it will continue to grow back so long as a water source is available.

4. Weird Smells Are A Sign Your Roof Is Leaking And
You Need Residential Roof Repair

Do you smell moisture, mildew, or mold? You might not be able to see it yet, but it could be lurking in your insulation and other unseen parts of your home. An odd smell of water can mean that water is indeed getting in somehow.

While the sound of dripping is another sign of water entering your home near your roof, the odd smell is a sign that the flow of water isn’t currently active but is present and doing damage.

5. Water Bulges Mean You Need Residential Roof Repair

While water stains on your ceiling are a sign of roof issues, water bulges forming in your ceiling means that you have a leak that has been building up. You’ll start to notice your drywall or popcorn ceiling stretch a bit and slowly extend down. What you are seeing is the material within the ceiling expanding to contain water.

If you do see this issue pop up, our best advice is to place a container for water underneath the bulge and pop it, then drain the water outside. You should then call us for help!

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Residential roof leaks are no joke. We’d be happy to help find and repair the source of leaks on the roof of your Roseville, CA, home. Schedule an in-person consultation with Lucero’s Roofing.