What To Do If Your Roof Leaks And Needs
Residential Roof Repairs In Roseville, CA

Lucero’s Roofing Helps Guide You
Through Residential Roof Repairs

Is your roof leaking? A leaky roof can disrupt your family and require residential roof repairs for your Roseville, CA home.

At Lucero’s Roofing, we can walk you through a few things you should do when your roof leaks. We’d like to help you better prepare yourself to avoid damage to your home and reduce your worry in the future with professional roof repair.

1. Move Your Stuff Before Calling For
Residential Roof Repairs

Water has the potential to damage many home items that it comes across when leaking from your ceiling. You’ll especially want to move wood furniture, papers, electronics, and any keepsakes that you can’t replace – and get them to a safe part of your house.

Do you have some furniture or items that are too big? Find a plastic tarp or even a collection of garbage bags, and make a cover to protect your valuable furniture before you call a residential roofing contractor.

2. Residential Roof Repairs Start
With Containing The Leak

It’s time for you to control where the water is going! Grab some containers that are capable of holding water, like garbage cans, pots, or pans. Place these under the leaks so you can just move the containers somewhere outside or to a sink to pour them out. You’ll want to check these regularly, as water weighs more than you think and can make for heavy lifting!

3. Puncture Your Ceiling To Avoid Further
Residential Roof Repair

You might be able to skip this one – in fact, we hope you can! Your ceiling might have “bulges” forming, which are where water is collecting in your ceiling material, like drywall or “popcorn” ceiling.

If you have water-filled bulges on your ceiling, your best bet is to place a container beneath them and puncture the bulge. Puncturing the bulge before it breaks gives you better control of where the water goes after. Standing water in your ceiling can also cause much greater water damage to your home than leaving the bulge alone.

4. Document Damage For Residential
Roof Repair Insurance Claims

Now that the water coming into your home is better contained, you’ll need to document your damage. While the actual need for pictures depends on the level of home insurance coverage you pay for, you should start documenting anyway while assuming you have insurance.

You can provide these photos for an insurance case later when you start working with us for residential roof repair on your Placer County, CA, home.

Also, don’t climb on your own roof if you have roof damage that leads to leaks. Let us take care of that – it could be dangerous for you! We’ll take photos of the damage ourselves so you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Call A Roofing Professional To
Start Residential Roof Repair

This step can occur much earlier if you don’t have much water leaking in and causing damage – and we hope this is the case! Getting started on fixing your roof is a matter of reaching out to a roofing repair specialist like ourselves at Lucero’s Roofing. We’ll climb onto your home and investigate the source of your leaks, then develop a solution to prevent future leaks.

Since we suggested calling a roofing professional, you should also know that attempting do-it-yourself solutions for roof leak repair isn’t a great idea. Why? You’ll have to go on your roof to fix it, which is hazardous in itself. Going further, if you don’t fix it right, the leak could come back and cause further water damage to your home. Don’t risk it!

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