How To Avoid The Need For Residential Roof
Repairs On Your Roseville, CA Home

Providing Expertise On Residential Roof
Repairs To Placer County Homeowners

Whether you have an aging roof or are just generally concerned about the potential for roof leaks, you should know that roof leaks are indeed preventable. We can discuss what you need to do to prevent the need for residential roof repairs on your Roseville, CA home.

We are Lucero’s Roofing, and we provide serious expertise on residential roof leak repairs as well as residential roof replacement. We’ll guide you through what you need to know to prevent roof leaks in the future.

Roof Inspections Are Needed To Avoid
Residential Roof Repairs

Roof inspections are a big part of preventing the need for residential roof repairs. Finding water in your home is the end result of wear and tear or damage that keeps going. A regular roof inspection with us at Lucero’s Roofing is well worth the time and investment in keeping expensive and disruptive leaks from finding their way into your home.

While you might be tempted to, we don’t suggest climbing on your own roof for a roof inspection. A roof is a place for experienced professionals. You can easily fall off your roof if you aren’t careful and have appropriate safety gear. Once up on your roof, we have the eyes and knowledge to see not only where leaks are happening but also where they could happen.

Check For Damaged Or Missing Shingles That
Require Residential Roof Repairs

You may be able to see missing or damaged shingles easily from the ground. A damaged or missing shingle is a fairly clear sign that you’ve experienced roof damage and need residential roof repair on your Placer County home.

Shingles are amongst the barriers that prevent water from leaking into your home, so reaching out to us about getting a repair done for missing shingles is important. The next rainfall could come into your home!

Planting Trees Near Your Home Increases The Chances
For Needing Residential Roof Repair

Planting trees and shrubs near your home increases the potential for having moss grow underneath your shingles. Moss can lift your shingle just slightly, which allows water to seep through in some areas and into your roofline, then home.

Zinc strips are good at preventing moss growth and can be installed on your roof if you have existing trees or shrubs encouraging moss.

Improve Ventilation To Avoid The Need For
Residential Roof Repair

Proper ventilation provides lots of good things for your home. A well-ventilated roof can lower your energy bills by keeping your attic temperature steady. Good ventilation also keeps your roof from harm by reducing excess moisture, which will creep its way into your attic and cause damage to the foundation of your roof.

While this damage is preventable, it’s also difficult for some homeowners to detect. You’ll want to take a look in your attic for signs of moisture, including water spots, water build-up, and the sounds of dripping. The build-up of moisture can cause serious problems for your roofing hardware.

Residential Roof Repair Can Be Avoided
By Cleaning Out Your Gutters

You’ll want to clean out your gutters a couple of times per year – it’s important for the flow of water off your roof in general.

Gutters are an essential part of directing water off your roof and into the right place, but they can also cause roof hazards. Clogged gutters invite water to pool up and potentially enter your roof line, eventually allowing leaks into your attic and the rest of your home.

The cycle of water entering your home and drying up leads to damage to the wooden structures within, which will also cause leaks.

Call Lucero’s Roofing For Residential Roof Leak Repair And
Prevention For Your Roseville, CA Home

At Lucero’s Roofing, we help prevent roof leaks in Roseville, CA, and we fix them, too! We’ll be happy to inspect your roof for potential damage and repair the issues we find! Get started by reaching out to us for an in-person consultation.