A roofing worker performing a residential roof repair on a home in Folson, CA with Lucero’s Roofing

Quality Residential Roof Leak Repairs For Your Folsom, CA Home

Lucero’s Roofing Keeps Your House Dry

Your home’s roof offers a rugged design meant to keep the weather and the rain out. Storms, time, and other impacts like trees can cause roof damage that requires residential roof repair in Folsom, CA.

At Lucero’s Roofing, we understand the urgency and stress of needing a residential roof repair – whether you have a leak yet or not. We want to treat you like family, so we offer high-quality repairs to our customers so you can feel good about your roof the next time rain comes.

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#3: Moving With Urgency And Empathy

You can fully expect our roofing workers to be kind to you. They know that repairing your roof can be stressful, especially if you have a leak. We hire people who naturally get along with others and can explain what’s happening.

#4: Excellent Communication

In our experience, one of the hardest parts about hiring a contractor is not hearing anything for too long. We update you often regarding roofing repair progress and inform you of any issues or delays. This is the least we can do to treat you well and keep you informed.

Q: Can I do Roof Repairs Myself?

A: We wouldn’t suggest you climb onto your roof at all if you think there is damage up there. On top of that, if you don’t know how to install or repair roof hardware properly, you are better off calling a professional company like ourselves to ensure that a future leak doesn’t cause a bigger problem.

Q: Do I Have To Leave My House During A Roof Repair?

A: Upon inspection, we’ll also be able to immediately tell you whether or not your home is safe to stay in, though in most cases, you’ll know right away. Otherwise, a roof repair can make some noise but doesn’t often take too long. If you have kids who nap during the day or work from home and speak with clients, you might want to leave for a bit.