A damaged roof in need of repair leads to water infiltration

The Dangers Of Living With A Damaged Or Outdated Roof

We get it — residential roof repair in Folsom, CA requires a significant investment. This leads many homeowners to put off necessary residential roof repairs. However, this often only leads to more costly issues down the road. 

The fact is your home is likely your biggest investment. And a roof repair is arguably the most important investment you can make into your home. It increases home value, helps prevent costly repairs in the future, and offers peace of mind as you KNOW your home and family are protected. 

On the other hand, putting off a roof repair often has serious consequences.

Extensive Roof Damage

Damaged shingles may allow water to penetrate your roof underlayment and sheathing. If the structural layers of your roof are damaged, you are looking at more extensive repairs. What may begin as an easy and affordable roof repair may turn into a need for partial or complete roof replacement. 

Putting off your roof repair may also lead to weakened wood rafters, ceiling joints, and wall framing. As water infiltrates these foundational areas, the damage grows and can create a serious problem that costs MAJOR investments to fix.

Insects, Pests, And Animal Invasion In Your Folsom Home

Holes in your roof create easy openings for pests and insects to infiltrate. Squirrels, rats, bats, and other pests and animals can make home of your attic space and other vulnerable areas. In addition to leaving behind droppings, urine, and other contaminants, these pests can destroy your home’s foundation by chewing through wood and wires.

An Increased Risk Of Electrical Fire In Sacramento County

It is no secret that water and electricity don’t get along. When they mix, electrical fires often occur. 

There are countless wires running through your home’s walls. Putting off a roof repair can allow water to infiltrate your home, including between your walls. This greatly raises the risk of shorting out your electrical system and even creating an electrical fire. 

If you put off a necessary roof repair or replacement, then your insurance may not cover your claim if an electric fire occurs inside your home.

Roof Repairs Prevent Insulation, Ceiling, And Attic Damage

Your roof protects your home’s structure. This includes your insulation, ceiling, and attic. The more damage that occurs to these areas, the higher the cost of roof repair. 

You may first notice water and moisture damage to your insulation (if you look for it). The damage can then continue into your attic before inevitably impacting your ceiling. Eventually, you may start to notice damage to your ceiling fans and lights as well.

Mold And Mildew Growth In Your Folsom Home

Mold tends to grow in warm and moist areas. If moisture is seeping into your home due to a damaged or outdated roof, then it is only a matter of time before mold becomes an issue. 

Mold, mildew, and bacteria inside your home can reduce the air quality and increase the risk of respiratory illness. Allergies are far more common in homes with mold as well. 

If left untreated, black mold can develop. In addition to causing health risks, black mold can destroy your floorboards, walls, ceilings, and more. Black mold removal is often very expensive.

Residential Roof Repairs Prevent Safety Issues

With a damaged or outdated roof comes safety issues. Your roof may not withstand the force of a heavy rainstorm, which can lead to a partial or entire collapse. Water infiltration during a heavy storm can also create flooding, which puts yourself and your family in danger.

For this reason alone, you should NEVER put off a residential roof repair in Folsom, CA, which is vulnerable to heavy storms throughout the year. It is much better to make the necessary roof repairs and have peace of mind, knowing that your family is safer due to a strong roof and home foundation.

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