Asphalt roof damage in Orangevale

Top Five Roofing Repair Myths
In Orangevale Debunked

The Truth About Shortcuts And
DIY Fixes For Your Roof

When roofing issues arise, well-meaning folks start offering their advice. Sometimes, it’s good advice. But in many cases, they just repeat misinformation that has been passed down for generations. We’re here to debunk the top 5 myths about residential roof repair in Orangevale.

Myth #1: My Roof Isn’t Leaking, So I Don’t
Need Residential Roof Repair Services

This is the number one myth about residential roofing. Many homeowners think a roof will last a lifetime, but that’s simply not true. Most residential roofing materials have an expected lifespan of 15 to 20 years. You don’t buy a car and fail to maintain it. You should treat your roof the same.

There are many reasons a roof might need to be repaired or replaced. Weather-related shingle damage can cause hidden damage to the underlayment and decking. Flashing and gutters can be dislodged over time. Shingles lose their granular layer as they age.

These things would qualify as a reason to repair or replace your roof. And possibly none of these things would lead to a visible leak.

Myth #2: A Leaking Roof In Sacramento County
Needs To Be Completely Replaced

The truth is roof leaks don’t always mean you need a roof replacement. Cracked sealant around chimneys and skylights could allow water to penetrate the decking layer. Fixing this would not require a total roof replacement.

Damage to flashing, ridge caps, and gutters could also create entry points for water to seep in. These residential roof leak repairs are usually isolated and can be handled easily by a roofing specialist.

To determine whether or not your roof needs to be replaced, you need to contact a professionalroofing company like Lucero’s Roofing. Our inspector can locate the source of the leak and determine if residential roof leak repairs will solve the problem or if something much bigger needs to be addressed.

If there are multiple leaks throughout your home or your roof is over twenty years old, you probably need a complete roof replacement, but let the experts make that decision.

Myth #3: It Will Be Cheaper To Do It Myself Because
The Cost Of Roof Repair Is Too High

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can reduce the cost of roof repair by using a DIY approach. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Roofing materials are more expensive for a homeowner because contractors get special pricing, which they pass on to the consumer. While it is possible to purchase budget-priced shingles, you won’t save anything in the long run.

Inferior roofing products won’t last as long as the GAF shingles Lucero’s Roofing uses. And those budget-priced shingles won’t come with the 50-year warranty offered by a superior manufacturer.

Another often overlooked issue is the potential for uncovering hidden damage to decking and structural systems. As a homeowner who can nail a few shingles on the roof, do you know how to tear off roof decking, treat for mold and mildew, and reinforce any weak areas?

In the long run, your DIY approach may cost you much more because you’ll end up calling the pros after all. It’s best to let a residential roof repair contractor handle it.

Myth #4: It’s Okay To Lay A New Roof
Over An Old Roof In Orangevale

We hear this one a lot. Let’s just state the facts. It is NEVER okay to put a new roof over an existing roof, even one in good repair.

Not only will you be adding an extra layer of upkeep to your house, but you will be doubling the weight of the roof. Structurally, that is just a bad idea. If there is any framing deficiency, your entire roof might collapse.

Even if your house is structurally sound, laying new shingles over old ones introduces many potential problems. Condensation and moisture can get trapped between the old shingles and the new roof because, unlike smooth plywood decking, used shingles have an uneven surface. Even a tiny space could allow moisture to collect.

And do you remember those hidden damages we talked about earlier? You won’t be able to find them if you don’t pull off the old shingles. If your roof decking is wet or moldy, that trapped moisture will leech into your attic insulation and ceilings.

Myth #5: My House Is Pretty New,
So My Roofing Materials Are Fine

It’s a comforting thought that a newer house should have fewer roof problems, and that’s most likely true. But, sometimes, problems arise from faulty materials, shoddy workmanship, or contractor shortcuts.

Even if your house is less than five years old, you should have your roof inspected by a residential roof repair contractor. Lucero’s Roofing offers free repair quotes, and we’re honest enough to tell you if there aren’t any problems.

Why You Should Choose Lucero’s For
Your Residential Roof Repairs

With over 30 years of experience, Eric Lucero knows a thing or two about roofing. When he decided to open Lucero’s Roofing, he knew that reliability and quality were the principles he wanted to follow.

To this day, Eric oversees jobs and ensures every team member has excellence and customer satisfaction in mind at all times. Lucero’s Roofing only uses the finest materials, and installation is by the book to guarantee a beautiful, worry-free, and long-lasting roof.

Don’t fall for the DIY myths if your roof needs some attention. Contact Lucero’s Roofing for a free quote.