6 Questions To Ask An Inspector Before Making
Residential Roof Repairs In Rocklin, CA

A Guide To Understanding What You Can Learn
About Your Roof During An Inspection

A regular roof inspection is good for homeowners and future homeowners! But what do you ask of the roof inspector to determine if you need residential roof repairs on your Rocklin, CA home?

Lucero’s Roofing offers the guide you need to know what to ask about your roof during a roof inspection. You’ll be able to learn plenty about what is important for your roof!

1. Is There Damage To My Roofing Materials?

Believing you might have damage to your roof is one of the most common reasons to have a roof inspection done on your Placer County home. This goes for current homeowners as well as future homeowners who are making an offer.

If you are a diligent homeowner who has your roof inspected often, you might be surprised to learn that the last year of weather and wear and tear has produced damage and potential issues that you can’t see yet from the ground.

Repairing problems your inspector finds quickly is the best way to prevent more severe problems with your roofing

2. What Are My Residential Roof Repair Priorities?

Your roof inspector might identify multiple problems on your roof. While some homeowners are fine with repairing all the problems right away, others want to repair some things now and others later. Ask your home inspector what is important to get done right away and what can wait. This will also tell you the true severity of some issues.

3. How Long Should Roof Repairs Last?

An honest answer here is that it depends! If you hire a high-quality roofing contractor like us, using great quality materials, you should expect the repairs to last as long as the rest of your roof. Choosing a lower-quality roof contractor with less expertise can result in repairs that don’t last as long.

4. Is My Ventilation Working Properly?

Ventilation is very important for your attic, home, and even your health. Ventilation intends to remove excess moisture from your home, especially within your bathroom, kitchen, furnace, and other parts of your home with emissions that shouldn’t stay inside.

A roof inspector will take a look at your vents and see if there are any leaks, blockages, or other issues. Problems with your ventilation are surprisingly common, sometimes stemming from issues as small as loose screws and as big as bird nests trapped in vents.

5. Do I Need Residential Roof Leak Repairs?

A fair question! It’s really hard to notice some leaks that aren’t actively dripping into your attic or home yet. Some of these areas simply aren’t easy to see from the ground, including places like your roof’s flashing.

An inspector who is on your roof can readily spot places where water can sneak in, even if it hasn’t quite reached the point of causing damage to your house yet. This is definitely another reason to want to get a roof inspection – you might not know at all till it’s too late.

6. Should I Replace My Residential Roof Or
Can I Rely On Residential Roof Repairs?

If you do have some issues with your roof, it should be worth asking your roofing inspector if you should repair the damaged areas or replace the whole roof. You might learn that it’s more time-consuming and cost-effective to start over instead of running into the risk of new leaks.

We are happy to help you repair or replace your roof. We are a leading installer in the Placer County area with many satisfied customers.

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