Pristine Residential Roof Replacement In Carmichael By Lucero’s Roofing

Safeguard Your Carmichael Residential Roof
Replacement With An Ironclad Warranty

With No Warranty, You May Be
In For A Nasty Surprise

Your Carmichael residential roof replacement is an essential part of your home. So it’s only natural that such a massive investment would have a foolproof warranty to guarantee the work.

Shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, so many inferior roofing companies will offer cheap roof replacements that don’t include an adequate warranty. These subpar companies lure homeowners in with an unbelievably low price and then use cheap materials and shoddy installation techniques to put on your roof.

Then, when issues from the materials and installation inevitably arise, the homeowner has no protection from a proper warranty and has to pay even more to have their roof replaced the right way.

Protect yourself from inferior roofing contractors by understanding the ins and outs of residential roofing warranties. NEVER hire a company that’s unwilling to guarantee the work with a decent warranty.

Let’s look deeper into why warranties are so important for a residential roof replacement.

Why Are Residential Roof Replacement
Warranties So Important?

Warranties are in place to protect your residential roof from any defects in materials or workmanship. These defects aren’t like ordinary wear and tear that eventually happens to all roofs.

These defects result from sub-standard installation or materials that should have otherwise proven effective.

Most states – California included – require a bare minimum workmanship warranty on roofing. However, these basic warranties have a very short period, usually between one and five years, and don’t include very much coverage.

You don’t want to notice issues with your roof shortly after the warranty period has expired because you’ll be on the hook for any defects – regardless of whether they result from improper installation or inferior materials.

Are There Different Types Of Warranties
For Residential Roof Replacement?

There are three main types of warranties: manufacturer’s warranties, workmanship warranties, and extended workmanship warranties. Each differs in what they cover, so let’s take a closer look at each.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Standard manufacturer’s warranties cover defective materials, such as roof tiles or shingles, as well as hardware, insulation, and more.

However, while most manufacturer’s warranties cover materials, they don’t always cover the labor required to fix it, which means you’ll be paying something – if not the entire cost – towards a warranty claim on your roof.

Manufacturer’s warranties, as implied, are offered by the manufacturers of the roofing materials and not the roofing contractors.

Workmanship Warranty

Workmanship warranties are an absolute must when it comes to your residential roof replacement in Sacramento County. Too many inferior roofing contractors offer the bare minimum required by California law and nothing more.

When dealing with a roofing contractor who only offers the bare minimum, there’s always a reason to be wary. Roofing contractors who fail to provide an adequate workmanship warranty beyond what’s required by law might be:

  • Inexperienced
  • Not fully licensed, bonded, or insured
  • Have a record of complaints for inferior work

Workmanship warranties vary greatly depending on the contractor. Some only include the basics, while others offer lifetime coverage.

The longer and more inclusive a company’s workmanship warranty, the better the quality of work. Workmanship warranties cover issues related to roof installation, such as crooked tiles or shingles.

Let Lucero’s Roofing give you the peace of mind of guaranteeing our work with a solid workmanship warranty. That’s a promise any homeowner can get behind!

Extended Workmanship Warranties

Extended workmanship warranties are often offered for an additional fee after a residential roof replacement and usually require a few extra steps for your roof to be eligible. These extras may require an entire roofing system, using a certain manufacturer, and more.

At Lucero’s Roofing, we use the best of the best in our roofing installation. We use Owens Corning’s superior shingles for asphalt roofing and Eagle Roofing for concrete tile roofs. These brands abide by the highest industry standards and match the commitment to quality that we do here at Lucero’s Roofing.

An extended workmanship warranty includes everything a standard workmanship warranty does, plus a few extras, such as labor costs to fix defective materials, disposal costs, and a longer – often lifetime – warranty period.

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With our track record for excellence and customer satisfaction, we at Lucero’s Roofing are the go-to roofing contractor for homeowners within Sacramento County.

If your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan and you’re looking for a high-quality roof replacement for your Carmichael home, call Lucero’s Roofing at (916) 983-8801 or reach out to us online for a free estimate.