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What To Look For In A Residential Roof
Repairs Contractor In Rocklin, CA

A Contractor Like Lucero’s Roofing
Makes All The Difference

Installing or replacing a roof is a significant investment for your home’s future value and safety. You’ll want to choose a reliable roofing contractor to perform residential roofing replacement on your Rocklin, CA home.

So, what should you look for in a residential roofing contractor? At Lucero’s Roofing, we know what you should look for and are glad to share our experience and knowledge.

Ask How Long Your Roofer Has Been
Completing Residential Roof Repairs

The purpose of asking how long your roofer has been completing residential roof repairs is to avoid the roofing companies that tend to pop up overnight, install or repair a few roofs, do a poor job, and then disappear and change names.

You should also know that it is possible for a contractor to stretch the truth a bit about how long they’ve been in business. In order to check this, we suggest you look up the company’s name and see if they have received any reviews from the period they claim to have been established. A roofing contractor with minimal to no reviews is usually not a good sign.

Check For Insurance And Licensing Before
Doing Residential Roof Repairs

A residential roofing contractor needs to have insurance to cover the safety of their workers, among other things. While a roofing contractor can show you some paperwork indicating they have insurance, you also have the option to ask for their insurance agent’s phone number.

Licensing is also necessary to show that the contractor has the skills to install or repair a roof. Licensing can be checked with local, county, or state governance to verify that the license is real.

Ask For References Before Starting Residential Roof Repairs

Some think of references as something you need to apply for a job, and for a roofing contractor in Placer County, we seek a new job whenever we talk to a new customer.

Asking for references from happy customers isn’t uncommon, and it is a great way to get a few answers from another homeowner regarding the quality of roof installation and service you’ll experience.

Learn About The Roofing Materials They
Use For Residential Roof Repairs

The hardware and materials a contractor chooses to use for your roof are crucial in helping it last for decades, as it should. Ask your contractor what kind of materials they use, and ask them to be specific about the company that makes them and the particular product they offer.

A good company should not only know the brand and product they use for roofing, but they should be proud of the products they’ve chosen. When they do arrive for the installation process, you might also want to look at the paperwork and boxes of shingles they use to ensure you are receiving the materials they said you would.

Ask About Tearing Off Your Old Roof
During Residential Roof Repairs

We’ll be upfront about potential roofing issues: there is a chance that repairing your home’s roof won’t completely fix the problem, leaving residential roof replacement as the only option.

You’ll want to ask potential contractors if they intend to remove your old shingles before replacing the roof completely. Installing a new roof over a previous roof is never a good idea, as it can add significant weight to your roof’s support system, and the new roof won’t be truly fastened down correctly.

Some roofing companies avoid removing the old roof to save time and money on labor. This will generally be reflected in what feels like a rather low quote. Avoid these contractors!

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