Storm-Ravaged Roof In Sacramento County

What Can A Professional Storm Damage
Assessor Do For You In Fair Oaks, CA?

Get A Fair And Honest Assessment To Maximize
Your Insurance Coverage After A Storm

Extreme weather can cause massive roof storm damage to your home. When you experience storm damage in Fair Oaks, CA, we can help. Hail, straight-line winds, tornados, and torrential rains are the most common forces of nature that cause roof damage.

When the weather improves, you will want to look outside for signs of storm damage. Some damages are not visible from the ground. If you think your home has roof damage from the storm, call an expert to help you file a claim and start repairs.

At Lucero’s Roofing, we employ experienced storm damage assessors and insurance claim managers to help you get your storm damage insurance claim started.

What Does A Roof Storm Damage Assessor Do?

A professionally trained assessor honestly assesses storm roof damage. They will go up on your roof and carefully inspect shingles, gutters, fascia boards, and flashing to reveal the extent of the damage and probable cause.

Even if shingles are not ripped from the roof decking, they may have lifted, and nails may have been dislodged. This can lead to leaks in the future.

Hail damage on gutters and flashing appears as small divots in the metal. Shingles can suffer from granular loss and structural damage. This is an often overlooked sign of residential roof storm damage. Our storm damage roof assessors are trained to look for things like this.

If your home sustained any storm damage, roof repair is necessary. In some cases, a total replacement may need to take place.

The storm damage roof inspection reveals all the damage and allows the assessor to give the insurance company an honest list of what needs to be done.

New Roof Storm Damage Versus Previous Disrepair

One thing the professional storm damage assessor will notice is how much damage occurred as a result of this storm. They will determine if the roof was in good repair before the damage or was beyond the normal wear and tear stage.

All roof repairs must be handled quickly and efficiently, but a previously damaged roof might cause the storm damage insurance claim to be disputed. If the assessor determines the storm simply exacerbated a previously existing problem, he/she will note this.

Don’t worry, though. Your roof repairs will still be handled. The staff at Lucero’s Roofing is trained to deal with insurance claims adjusters.

What To Expect When The Storm Damage Roof
Inspector Visits

The roof inspector will ask you about the events that led to the damage. Be sure you can accurately report the date and approximate time the storm came through.

Your inspector will then do a walk-through of the house, looking for any signs of water damage. Ceilings, walls, and light fixtures will be investigated for signs of moisture.

A highly trained storm damage assessor will climb into the attic to see if the insulation is wet or discolored.

During the inspection, the assessor will take plenty of photos. This evidence will be shared with the insurance company to prove that roof repairs are necessary for the storm damage.

Careful measurements will help determine the total square footage of damaged areas. The assessor creates a detailed list of things that must be repaired or replaced.

Outside, your roof assessor will use a ladder to access the roof and repeat the process. They may use a chalk marker to circle any hail storm roof damage. As well as taking more photos and measurements and looking for signs of previous damage.

This evidence will help the assessor complete the necessary forms to make a storm damage roof insurance claim.

In some cases, the insurance company may send a claims adjuster to examine the roof damage caused by the storm. You can ask the damage assessor to meet the insurance representative at your home to discuss the options for repair or replacement.

Often, the insurance company only wants minimal repairs to restore the roof. A roof damaged by the storm might have hidden damages that the insurance representative might miss.

Trust Lucero’s Roofing For Your Fair Oaks, CA
Storm Damage Roof Repairs

The assessors at Lucero’s Roofing want to help your Fair Oaks, CA home if storm damage is the issue. We know dealing with storm damage can be overwhelming. Our storm damage roofing assessors are on your side. We know what to look for after the storm.

Let us help you handle your roof storm damage insurance claim. Don’t panic after a storm. Call us at (916) 983-8801 so we can schedule your assessment.