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Learn How Storm Damage Can Take A
Toll On Your Fair Oaks Roof

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And Insurance Work From
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Storms are the stress tests of your roof. If you have roof damage, Lucero’s Roofing is here to help with storm damage repairs and insurance work in Fair Oaks. Residential storm damage happens! As Sacramento County’s most trusted roofing company, we’ve seen firsthand how the effects of storm damage can develop over time.

Even minor issues, like loose shingles or cracked flashing, can cause significant problems if storm damage is ignored or repairs are delayed. Loose shingles can expose the structure to the elements, while cracks in flashings or vent boots can let moisture in and rot the wood. Quickly fixing these issues is essential because delayed repairs can lead to costly water damage and eventually require a complete roof replacement.

Don’t wait – address storm damage promptly to avoid more significant problems later.

Water Infiltration Is One Of The Most Common
Types Of Roof Damage From A Storm

Heavy storms can open your roof up to significant water damage. Leaks and excessive moisture are the biggest threats to the health and lifespan of your roof. Once moisture seeps in, mold, algae, or mildew can weaken your structure, posing health risks that require costly roof repairs or abatement.

Missing Shingles Is A Sign Of
Storm Damage To Your Roof

High winds, especially during severe storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, can cause significant damage to your roof. Strong gusts can rip shingles off your home, accelerating corrosion and increasing damage over time.

Wind lift is a typical result of storm damage, often not visible to the naked eye. Over time, a constant lift can weaken the grip and cause shingles or flashing to blow off. Wind can also erode a previously storm-damaged roof. An eroded or missing shingle can open a seam, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks and protection from the elements.

Don’t Let Hail Ruin Your Home: Get A
Storm Damage Roof Inspection

Snow, ice, and hail can significantly threaten your roof’s integrity. Over time, snow can settle into cracks, holes, and gaps under loose shingles. As the snow melts, the water seeps into your roof and breaks down the wood, creating instability and a weakened structure.

Hail is especially detrimental to shingles. Hail impact can fracture shingles, making them less effective. Dents from hail damage can allow moisture to seep into the underlayment. Over time, the humidity could develop mold and rot and cause roof deterioration. Ice dams can cause more damage over time.

They can loosen shingles and gutters. They can prevent water from draining, leaving the pool, and slowly draining into your home, causing leaking, warping, and potential mold growth.

If you feel like your roof has been impacted by hail or snow, it’s important to get storm damage roof inspection services from roofing experts as soon as possible to prevent the damage from progressing any further.

Roof Storm Damage Can Lead To Poor Insulation

An exposed roof due to erosion or blown-off shingles can compromise your home’s insulation. Wet insulation erodes over time. Exposed insulation can degrade and weaken your thermal protection. All these problems create higher energy costs.

Pests Can Infiltrate Your Home After Your
Roof Has Been Damaged By A Storm

Holes or gaps in a damaged roof are a wide open door for pests such as insects, rodents, and birds. Over time, these unwanted visitors can get cozy in your Fair Oaks home and cause further damage to your roof and your home.

Let Lucero’s Roofing Help With Your Roofing
Insurance Claims For Storm Damage

Insurers expect homeowners to submit claims promptly after a storm. If you delay repairs, your damage may not be covered by insurance. Contact your insurance carrier for more information.

While you can’t control the weather, you can reduce its impact on your home. Don’t delay! Quickly identifying storm damage can be the difference between a roof repair and a complete replacement. The quicker you address the issue, the better.

Lucero’s Roofing is an established and trusted roofing company. Book a free inspection as soon as possible if you notice peeling shingles, cracks, or leaks.

Our professional roof inspection service is your best chance to identify and fix the problems to prevent long-term damage. We provide the highest quality craftsmanship and expert roofing services in Fair Oaks. If you are in need of insurance work or storm damage repair services, reach out to Lucero’s Roofing for a consultation today.