A home in Granite Bay, CA with a sign indicating recent storm damage

Professional Storm Damage And Insurance
Work For Your Granite Bay, CA Home

Trusted Experts Repairing Your Roof
And Home After A Storm

A storm rolling over your home can be a scary sight, and we hope you remain safe! In the aftermath of a major storm, you’ll want a trusted partner to do storm damage and insurance work on your Granite Bay home.

We are your local experts when it comes to storm damage repair for your roof. You’ll also love that we are tough with the insurance company while treating you like family while we work to make your home and roof right again.

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Trusted Storm Damage Repair And Insurance
Work For Granite Bay Homeowners

A home with recently completed storm damage repair

Insurance Work And Storm Damage Repair

The moments after a storm hits your Placer County home, leaving behind damage to your home and roof, can be a bit worrying and intense. We are experts at both repairing storm damage and working with insurance companies to do right by our clients.

A home with hail on the roof

The Lucero’s Roofing Method For
Customer Happiness

Customer Service And
Expertise Combined

Our desire to help homeowners through times of need after storm damage is backed by our core values and the fundamentals that drive our company. Let’s talk about what we believe in!

#1: Sincere Representatives

We’ve been to many homes that took the brunt of the impact of a storm. We understand the need to treat your family with care, as storm damage can cause some serious stress. Our representatives are prepared to treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve all the time.

#2: High-Quality Repairs

One of the biggest factors in making great repairs to your Placer County home comes from the very hardware we install. We chose only the best quality materials available because they last longer, and that matters to us and our customers.

#3: Outstanding Communication

We’ll be in touch with you from the moments after you call and make an appointment to before we show up at your door and when repairs begin. You deserve to know what is going on with your home, and we’ll let you know every step of the way!

#4: Trusted Expertise

We have been fixing and replacing roofs on homes for over 30 years. Our employees are highly trained in identifying storm damage and, of course, in fixing it! You can count on us to make the best repairs possible using the best materials available.

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We Earn Fantastic Reviews From Customers

See What Our Customers Say About Us

We like to share our customer’s reviews as a testament to the quality of work we do.

“Eric and his team replaced our entire roof, including the addition of stainless steel mesh gutter guards. Excellent work and I would highly recommend them. I am a GC and have been in the Construction industry for over 40 years.”
Tony Mazza

“Eric and his team were great to work with from start to finish. They met every timeline, kept the job site clean, and exceeded expectations. Lucero’s Roofing was responsive and professional.”

“Finally, I got a new roof for my house. I made the right decision when I chose Lucero Roofing. They were professional, did good work on my roof, and got it done fast. I would recommend anyone who needs roof repair to call Eric; he will take care of you.”

A Few Questions Granite Bay Homeowners
Ask About Lucero’s Roofing

Q: Why Choose Lucero’s Roofing?

A: We offer a combination of true expertise and real customer service that is hard to come by! Our years of working in the industry equip us to deal with any storm damage or roof repair problem with professionalism.

Q: What Should I Do After A Storm
Damages My Home?

A: Our first suggestion is to look for any highly visible signs of damage that need repair, like leaks in your home, debris on your roof, or missing shingles. Even if you don’t see anything, we suggest you call us for an inspection anyway, just in case, as some homes have high roofs or potential hidden damage. We also suggest you do not climb on your roof.

Q: How Do You Deal With Insurance Companies?

A: We suggest calling your insurance company to start the claim, but make sure that we are there for any in-person meetings, including when the adjuster comes to your home. Part of the adjuster’s job is to evaluate what your roof needs, but they work for the insurance company. Let us talk to them to get the most out of your insurance.

Q: Should We Replace The Roof Or Repair It?

A: The answers depend entirely on the kind of damage a storm or wear and tear caused. Sometimes, simple repairs are all you need. Other times, the damage might be extensive enough to warrant just replacing the whole roof. We’ll be on the lookout for signs that you need a roof replacement and discuss your options.