A commercial building with recent commercial roof repair

Professional Commercial Roof Repair For
Your Granite Bay, CA Area Business

Trust The Best Roofing Repair Company
To Keep Your Roof Safe

Your business needs a properly functioning roof to keep work going and to keep your employees and customers safe! When things go badly with your roof, get the best commercial roof repairs in Granite Bay from Lucero’s Roofing.

We offer exactly what your business needs with expert roofers keeping your roof in good working shape while providing outstanding customer service. Our team at Lucero’s Roofing does everything they can to ensure you are happy.

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We Offer Trustworthy Commercial Roofing
Repairs For Granite Bay Businesses

A commercial roof with recent repairs

Commercial Roof Repair

A good, safe roof is very important for your business. You don’t want leaks causing issues inside your building, including health issues for your employees. We are the leading experts in commercial roof repair for the Placer County area. You can count on us!

The recently repaired shingles on a business roof

The Lucero’s Roofing Method For The
Most Reliable Commercial Roof Repairs

Expertise And Customer Service
Are Essential To Success

Successful companies have values and beliefs they live by. We decided on what mattered to us long ago, and now we get to share it with you!

#1: Top-Quality Materials

A good repair for a commercial roof doesn’t come together without using the best roofing materials available. In our time as a roofing company, we’ve found trusted partners to make the right hardware that will make your repairs last a long time.

#2: Personable Representatives

We’ll be in, and sometimes on top of, your business while we discuss potential solutions and work on fixing problems. You want professionals in your business who make everyone comfortable. Our representatives are great people who are ready to work and answer questions for you.

#3: No High Pressure Sales

When you need commercial roof repairs, there isn’t a need for us to make the issue feel more urgent. Our representatives and technicians will let you take the time you need to make a decision. We want to help you decide what to do without adding more stress!

#4: True Expertise

We offer serious expertise when it comes to fixing a commercial roof. When your business needs a solution that works now, and in the future, you can rely on us to make the repairs you need to feel confident.

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Lucero’s Roofing Earns Great Reviews

See What Our Customers Say About Us

We value reviews and customer feedback as an opportunity to show what customers have said about us,

“Eric and his team were great to work with from start to finish. They met every timeline, kept the job site clean, and exceeded expectations. Lucero Roofing was responsive and professional .”

“Eric and his team replaced our entire roof, including the addition of stainless steel mesh gutter guards. Excellent work and I would highly recommend them. I am a GC and have been in the Construction industry for over 40 years.”

“The new roof was done professionally and speedy even after more work was discovered after the initial estimate. I would recommend this company to anyone.”

A Few Questions Granite Bay, CA Business
Owners Ask About Lucero’s Roofing

Q: Why Choose Lucero’s Roofing?

A: We’ve been in business for over 30 years for a reason! We offer sincere expertise and outstanding customer service to our clients. You’ll be truly impressed by the work we do and the way you are treated.

Q: What Do Your Commercial Roofing Repairs Cost?

A: We’ll be really honest in saying that we aren’t the cheapest commercial roofing repair company on the market. But, we bring with us the expertise and materials you’ll need to get a great value for your roofing repair. Also, the best way to get an accurate quote on commercial roofing repair is to talk to us!

Q: What Areas Do You Serve?

A: We make commercial roofing repairs to a wide area of California. To get a better idea of which counties and cities we serve, check our service areas page.

Q: What Are Signs I Need Commercial Roof Repair?

A: One of the very clear signs of a need for commercial roof repair is a leak in your building. We would suggest not letting it get that far, though! You should have a commercial roof inspection done frequently to catch issues before they get worse. We also suggest having your roof checked after a storm, as there may be unseen damage.