Large roof with damaged covered by tarps

How To Handle Residential Roof Repairs
After A Severe Orangevale Storm

Your Guide To Managing Roof
Damage In An Emergency

It can happen to anybody, and it’s usually unexpected. Roof damage on your Orangevale home can cause panic, fear, and confusion. What should you do if your house sustains major damage caused by a storm, earthquake, or other natural disaster?

Obviously, the first priority is safety. Can you and your family remain in the house without risk of injury? If not, plan to go to a hotel or relative’s house. If you can safely remain in your house, place buckets to catch dripping water and move furniture and bedding out of harm’s way.

If you can safely do it, try to cover the damaged section with a tarp to keep more water from entering the home. You might need to enlist the help of a friend or neighbor. Use bricks or nail down slats of wood over the edges of the tarp to hold it in place until help can arrive.

Once you are in a safe and secure location, contact a residential roofing professional and give your address and any details about the damage.

Document The Need For Residential Roof Repair Damage

Make a note of any damages you see to the roof, siding, gutters, and interior of your home. While some problems are obvious, like shingles strewn all over your yard, other damages are subtle and may not immediately be noticed.

Look for damp spotson ceilings and walls. Identify any leaks around windows and doors. You’ll also want to look for water near your fireplace or on the ceiling by the chimney.

On your house’s exterior, note bent or misplaced gutters and downspouts. Look at the eaves to see if damage has occurred.

Take detailed notes and use a camera or cell phone to take plenty of pictures.

Work With A Orangevale Area Roof Inspector

Residential roof repairs are often covered by homeowner’s insurance if an unforeseen emergency, like a storm or fire, causes the damage. Your roofing contractor will be an important liaison between you and the insurance company.

As soon as it is safely possible, the roofing company will send out an inspector who will climb onto the roof and assess the damage. They will measure, photograph, and note all the damages. While you might have seen major things, the roofing professional knows how to look for the tiniest problems that can lead to big trouble later on.

The inspector will meet with you to discuss any repairs or replacements and create an estimate of the cost of the roof repair and materials.

Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company
About Residential Roof Damage From A Storm

Call yourinsurance company. If the damage affected multiple homes in your area, you will be better off contacting the parent company through the 1-800 number. Your local agent is likely to be overrun with calls.

Be sure to provide the time and date of the event that caused your roof damage and a brief description of what occurred. Tell the insurance company a residential roofing contractor has been out to secure the roof and do an initial damage assessment safely. Be sure to give the insurance company the name and phone number of the roofing company.

The Roofing Company And Insurance Company Will
Work Together To Fix Your Orangevale Roof

The insurance company will send out an adjuster. Hopefully, your roofing inspector can meet the adjuster on the assessment day. While the insurance adjuster will look for major damage and quick fixes, the roofing company representative will advocate for you to ensure every detail is addressed.

Once the inspector and adjuster agree on the repairs, a detailed estimate of materials and labor can be written up. At this point, your roofing company professional will work closely with you.

If you choose Lucero’s Roofing as your residential roofing repair contractor, we will include you in every step of the process, from assessing the damage to choosing your replacement materials.

Our courteous and professional staffwill listen to your concerns and questions and work with you to get things repaired the proper way. If the insurance company disagrees with something, we will go to bat for you because we know how to install a roof correctly.

Call The Pros At Lucero’s Roofing In Orangevale
To Handle Your Roofing Emergency

At Lucero’s Roofing, professionalism and excellence are words we live by. We guarantee you will get the best product and service for your residential roof repair or replacement.

We never try to upsell products or services you don’t really need. That would be dishonest, and we don’t operate that way. Trust and reliability go a long way in the customer service business, and we want you to trust us.

If an insurance claim is necessary, we are here for you. We will push for the little things that must be completed to do the job right. Our representatives know how to talk to insurance companies, and we use the right jargon to convince them on sticking points.

We know dealing with a roofing emergency can be frightening and overwhelming, but we are here for you. Call (916) 983-8801 to schedule your free quote today.