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Professional Commercial Roof Leak Repair
For Your El Dorado Hills Property

Lucero’s Roofing Helps You
Protect Your Business

Business owners have plenty to consider and worry about, so when a roof leak sends water intruding into your building, you are going to want to get help. Lucero’s Roofing offers leading commercial roof leak repair services in El Dorado Hills.

We have been working with local businesses for the better part of 3 decades and know how to serve customers the right way.

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We Offer Outstanding Commercial Roof Leak Repair
To El Dorado Hills Property Owners

A business roof with recent leak repairs

Commercial Leak Repairs

For many business owners, a leak in their roof represents a major problem that threatens their employee’s safety and health, overall productivity, and equipment. Leaks can also be a big insurance problem! That’s why Lucero’s Roofing offers top-quality commercial leak repairs for El Dorado County businesses.

We understand that safety and security within your business are very important, so we listen to your needs, inspect your roof, and provide the best solution to stabilize your building.

A roof with recently repaired leaks

The Lucero’s Roofing Way For Happy Businesses

Repairing Business Roofs With Expertise
And Outstanding Service

#1: Outstanding Experience

We’ve been fixing commercial roof leaks for over 30 years. We’ve had plenty of time and experience on the roofs of businesses, diagnosing and finding the best possible solution to keep your business running. You can rely on our expertise to deliver quick results!

#2: Understanding Your Concerns

As business owners and roofers ourselves, we understand that roof leaks don’t exactly have a positive impact on business. We’ll listen to your concerns and evaluate your roof with consideration for what’s inside your business. Learning more about you and your business is essential to our process!

#3: Top-Quality Materials

Our team and your business want our repairs to last a long time. The best use of materials is just as important as the experienced professional doing the installation. We use top-quality materials so that our repairs last for a long time and keep your business safe.

#4: Communication Is Key

Business owners can get nervous when hiring a contractor if they’ve been burned by bad communication before. We’re a bit different. We actively communicate through the steps of the process and like questions and feedback about our work – because you deserve to know what’s happening.

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Lucero’s Roofing Earns Outstanding Reviews

Will You Write Our Next 5-Star Review?

“Eric and his team replaced our entire roof, including the addition of stainless steel mesh gutter guards. Excellent work and I would highly recommend them. I am a GC and have been in the Construction industry for over 40 years.”

“Finally, I got a new roof for my house. I made the right decision when I chose Lucero’s Roofing. They were professional, did good work on my roof, and got it done fast. I would recommend them to anyone needing roof repair. You should call Eric, and he will take care of you.”

“Eric and his crew were professional, conscious, friendly, neat, and prompt.
Eric was there daily to see and inspect the quality of the work and his hardworking crew (in triple-digit heat)!
Several neighbors told us they would use Lucero Roofing for any roofing needs in the future.
We would highly recommend Lucero Roofing!”
-Lee Anne

4 Questions El Dorado Hills Homeowners
Ask About Lucero’s Roofing

Q: Why Choose Lucero’s Roofing?

A: You’ll want to choose us for your commercial roof leak repair needs because we thoroughly inspect your roof, understand your business needs, and are committed to doing the job right the first time to spare you the stress of additional repairs in the future.

Q: Do You Recommend Replacement Or Repair?

A: The answer is that we’d have to see it to know! Some roofs are either getting very cold or are on the verge of having bigger problems, even after a repair. We will climb onto your roof, document things, and let you know what is truly needed to keep your business moving forward.

Q: How Much Do Your Commercial Roof Leak Repair Services Cost?

A: We will be real honest: we probably are not the cheapest service you can find to fix the roof on your business. We do, however, offer the best combination of solid hardware installation and serious expertise that money can buy. We encourage you to get some quotes, if you have time, and evaluate what other roofs are offering and using.
We are sure you will come back to us!

Q: When You Replace Roofs, Do You Take The Old One Off?

A: We’ve found that the best practice is always to remove old hardware that isn’t working anymore, so we do remove shingles and any poorly performing hardware found underneath, too, even during repairs. When doing a complete replacement, we always remove the entire old roof first before proceeding.
If you receive a quote from a roofing contractor that feels too low, that might be because they intend to simply install your new roof right over your old roof. This can negatively impact your roofing structure and cause the new roof to perform poorly because it isn’t installed properly.