Mold grows on shingle roof

Residential Roof Repairs In Orangevale
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Orangevale in Sacramento County was listed in 2023 as one of the most beautiful places to live in California. Mild temperatures, low precipitation amounts, and the proximity to Folsom Lake and the Pacific Ocean create an ideal outdoor wonderland. But did you know those temperatures and all that moisture can play havoc with your roof?

One of the problems homeowners face is moisture and discoloration of roofing, often caused by algae or mold growth. Vegetation growth, high moisture levels in the air, and all that beautiful sunshine just encourage spores to grow.

Fortunately, treating and correcting the problem is as easy as picking up the phone and calling a residential roof repair company in Orangevale like Lucero’s Roofing.

Determining What Is Growing On The Roof Of
Your Orangevale Home – Is It Really Mold?

When you see green patches on your roof, your first thought is mold growth, but most likely, you are seeing algae.

Algae is a growth caused by pollen debris that remains on the roof and is fed by moisture and sunlight. It might appear as green patches or slimy-looking streaks of color. The good news is that algae is a natural biological occurrence and can be easily removed.

The bad news is that mold grows if algae is left untreated. Whereas algae use sunlight to create food through photosynthesis, molds feed by leaching nutrients out of structures and surfaces like the limestone in your shingles.

Mold thrives in dark, damp spaces. Once it gets into your shingles, it will continue to grow and spread until it reaches the interior of your home. Because it pulls minerals out of surfaces, mold causes shingles, wood, and drywall to rot away.

How Did Mold Get On My Sacramento County Roof?

Those gorgeous green lawns, colorful flower beds, and spreading shade trees come at a price. They produce plant debris and pollen that floats through the air and settles on nearby surfaces.

Unfortunately, your roof and siding are common landing zones. You may notice more roof and siding discoloration on the north and west sides of your house. This is due to the wind direction.

Treating and Removing The Mold Problem
On Your Orangevale Home

You can help retard the growth of algae by frequently rinsing off your roof and siding and cleaning your gutters. Dislodging the pollen and debris will keep it from attaching to your shingles and siding.

Cutting overhanging tree branches can also help since the pollen from those trees will fall directly onto your roof. The best rule of thumb is to have all tree limbs no closer than three feet from the edge of your roof.

However, once you see the little green blooms, you will need a more aggressive treatment. Algae bloom on your roof is best treated by a residential roofing repair contractor familiar with the proper ways to pressure wash the roof without causing shingle damage.

They will also have access to commercial algaecides, which kill live algae and help prevent new growth. This mixture is spread on the roof and allowed to sit for a couple of hours, then rinsed off. For best results, this should be done several times a year.

Residential Roof Repairs to Locate and Treat Mold

Algae on the roof is pretty easy to deal with by periodic roof treatments. Mold, on the other hand, can be hard to find and harder to get rid of. Not only is it ugly, but it can be deadly.

Remember what we said about mold preferring dark and moist locations? Mold thrives in spaces between shingles and roof decking or between exterior walls and framing. Mold isoften undetected until you see white patches on dark surfaces or nasty black spots on your interior walls. By then, it’s too late.

Once mold moves in, there is no way to get rid of it other than removing the affected surfaces and replacing them with new material that is clean and dry. Sometimes, that means a total re-roof is necessary. Only a professional roofing inspector will know.

Call The Pros At Lucero’s Roofing In Orangevale
To Create A Treatment Plan

With over thirty years of experience, the team at Lucero’s knows how to deal with mold. The first thing we will do is inspect your roof, gutters, and attic to locate the moisture source allowing the mold to grow.

Once the problem is located, we will communicate with you to form a plan for the removal of any damaged shingles and wood. Together, we will decide on the steps needed to install new roofing material.

Because honesty and integrity are so high on the list of core values at Lucero’s Roofing, nobody will ever try to sell you extra products or services. You will get an actual estimate of any residential roof repairs that need to be completed, and you’re guaranteed a fair price.

We also work closely with insurance companies and are known for our trustworthiness and reliability. There is less debate about the job when the roofing company presents the estimate to the insurance company.

Let us help you solve your moldy roof problems. We can guide you through the initial inspection, a fair estimate, and any insurance negotiations. We’re trained professionals, and we know how to treat the issue. Call (916) 983-8801 to schedule your free quote today.