Water Damage Causing Peeling And Cracked Drywall On A Ceiling With Lucero’s Roofing Of El Dorado Hills, CA

Should I Be Concerned About A Leak In The
Roof Of My El Dorado Hills, CA Home?

Some Expert Guidance On When
To Get Roof Leaks Fixed

Is your roof showing signs of a leak? Taking a look around your home might reveal a variety of signs you’ll want to get it repaired sooner rather than later, including dripping sounds, mold, and stains on the ceiling.

Lucero’s Roofing helps take care of roof issues that lead to the need for roof repairs on El Dorado Hills, CA homes. Consider these signs that it’s time for a residential roof service and repair.

Water Stains On The Ceiling Of Your Home

Water stains on your ceiling will come in the form of unusual colored spots, which are often brown or black. These kinds of stains can take another form in odd textures on your ceiling.

Unfortunately, these are signs that water can already get in, and at this point, you should get a roof repair expert out right away to discover the source.

Dripping Sounds Coming From A Leaky Roof

Your attic should be quiet. The sound of moisture dripping in the attic tends to be fairly obvious when you take a moment to listen, especially during or immediately after a rainfall event.

This is a definite sign of a leaking roof – even if you can’t see where the drip comes from with your own eyes.

Mold Growth Caused By A Leaking Roof

Mold growth is a general sign that water is seeping into your home from somewhere. You might find mold by looking where your roof and exterior wall meet. If you do see mold here, there is water moving and getting trapped somewhere.

Mold is not something you want to deal with. Even if the source isn’t the roof, get help right away since mold doesn’t go away easily or on its own.

Recent Hail In El Dorado Hills

Even if you haven’t had other noticeable signs of issues, a hail storm can change that pretty quickly. Check your home for leaks after a major hail storm. Hail can impact your shingles and make them prone to sudden leaks. If you have hail followed by leaks in your home, the weather is likely the cause.

Ceiling Bumps Caused By Water Damage

Seeing unusual textures on the ceiling is an initial sign of some water damage. Larger bumps or bulges on the ceiling indicate that the water intrusion has moved along and the drywall or popcorn ceiling in your house is trapping it.

Our first suggestion is to find a container and place it underneath the bulge. You can then puncture the bulge and let the water drain into the container.

You might be wondering: Why would you release water from the ceiling? Water is more destructive in the ceiling because it can more easily travel to other parts of the house. Draining it into a container is your best bet to prevent future damage.

In some cases, water bulges indicate that water might already be present elsewhere in your home. You should seek it out before it causes further damage to your home.

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When you notice the signs of water creeping into your home, reach out to Lucero’s Roofing for an in-person consultation. They would love to help keep you and your family safe and dry by diagnosing and fixing your leaking roof. A solid roof over your head offers serious peace of mind. Call Lucero’s Roofing at 916-983-8801 to get started on fixing your roof today!