A Newly Installed Residential Roof On A Home In Granite Bay With Lucero’s Roofing

How To Know It’s Time For A Residential Roof Replacement In Granite Bay

Your Home And Roof May Be Trying To Tell You Something

Your roof is quiet about the problems it’s having. You may not know something is wrong until water drips into your home. That’s why you should know some signs that you need a residential roof replacement on your Granite Bay home.

Lucero’s Roofing knows the indicators your roof needs replacement, so we can share some details about what to look for.

An Older Roof May Need A Residential Roof Replacement

Some homeowners don’t know the exact age of their roof, and that’s okay. Roofs should last a couple of decades. After that, they aren’t as good at protecting your home and family.

Even without obvious signs of age, you should consider replacing your roof after around 20 years. Otherwise, repairs are likely coming anyway.

Curling Shingles Suggest You Need To Replace Your Roof

What are granules? Granules are bits of crushed stone and other materials that coat your shingles to help prevent sun damage to your roof. As your roof ages, granules start to fall apart.

Granules falling off also changes the appearance of your roof. You’ll start to see shingles that have bald spots with missing granules. So where is this stuff going? Unfortunately, granules may wind up in your gutters.

Their presence in your gutters is an easy sign that your roof is aging and will need to be replaced soon.

Call A Roof Professional If You Find Granules In Your Gutters

Without the expertise of a professional roofer, the quality of your repair may be subpar, leading to future issues and potentially costing more to fix in the long run.

As we mentioned above, homeowners opting to do DIY repairs often choose lower-quality roofing materials to save money.

Choosing the wrong materials or underestimating the b can prolong the process and cost you big bucks.

You may not be able to identify underlying structural problems that a professional could spot, such as rot or damaged decking. This can also lead to more expensive repairs in the future.

Put simply, if you’re not familiar with roofing materials and techniques, you could accidentally make the damage to your roof worse.

Missing Shingles Are A Sign That You Need A Residential Roof Replacement

Shingles crack from old age and from experiencing too much harsh weather. Unfortunately for eagle-eyed homeowners, cracks on your shingles can be rather subtle.

If you suspect your shingles are cracked, reach out to a professional roofing contractor and have them inspect your roof instead of doing it yourself.

You might even look at your roof after a storm and notice some shingles missing. Your roof is built like a grid with shingles and other hardware.Missing shingles means your roof is more vulnerable. So you’ll want to contact a roofing installation company for a repair or replacement soon.

Extra Light And Water Stains In Your Attic Means You Need A Roof Replacement Soon

Your attic can have an obvious sign you need a residential roof replacement. If your attic is readily accessible, you’ll also want to grab a flashlight and check for signs of water stains up there. Water stains in your attic are a telltale sign that your roof is leaking.

Your Neighbors Are Getting Roof Replacements

This isn’t a sign on your roof, but your home and your neighbor’s homes are experiencing close to the same weather. If you’ve noticed roofers working on a few houses in your area, your neighbors might be looking for and finding roof damage.

You should consider your roof’s age and recent weather events, then schedule a time to talk to a roofing contractor about a residential roof replacement, too.

Call Lucero’s Roofing For A Residential Roof Replacement In Granite Bay

Lucero’s Roofing offers residential roof replacement with the highest quality of materials, along with outstanding customer service.

If you feel like you need a residential roof replacement in Granite Bay, reach out to Lucero’s Roofing to schedule an in-person consultation.