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What Are The Leading Reasons To
Get Residential Roof Repair For
Rocklin, CA Homes?

The Experts Explain Roof
Damage Causes

Damage to your home’s roof is one of the leading reasons for roof replacement or repair. You can consider us at Lucero’s Roofing to be experts on the subject, as we’ve spent the last 30 years on roofs inspecting and repairing damage. We’ve seen everything and would love to share the causes and remedies for what ails your home’s roof.

We’ve created this guide to help you understand the sources of roof damage that lead to the need for residential roof repairs in Rocklin. Read on for everything you need to know.

Storms Can Lead To A Need For Residential Roof Repair

Mother Nature can whip up some fury! Between strong winds, hail, and even snow, your Placer County home’s roof takes a beating over time. Among the more common causes of residential roof damage are impacts from hail, which can lead to shingle dents and curling.

Combine hail with strong winds that could get under your shingles, and your hardware gets lifted in vulnerable spots, leading to damage.

Having a residential roofing contractor like us come out for an inspection and potential repair is the easiest way to fight off the potential leaks and damage that could come with a damaged roof – and you won’t have to climb on the roof yourself!

Improper Installation Often Requires Residential Roof Repair

Some roof installers are better than others. Mix a less careful roofer with a complex roof, and you have a recipe for poor installation of vital roofing materials like your flashing and underlayment, leading to bigger problems. We suggest having an experienced and detailed roofing contractor lead the way so installation isn’t a problem.

Age Is A Leading Cause For Residential Roof Repair

A well-installed residential roof can last a couple of decades before showing serious signs of wear and tear. A poorly installed roof won’t last that long. Even if the weather is great and your roof doesn’t face storms, age will eventually cause shingles to fall off or flashing to become less effective.

While residential roof repair often works, you might also think about residential roof replacement. This is especially true if you plan to sell your home soon and the current roof doesn’t add curb appeal – residential roof replacement is a good investment.

A Lack Of Maintenance Can Lead To Residential Roof Repair

Minor issues can turn into significant issues. For example, if you see moss, mold, fungus, or algae on your roof, you should attempt to spray it off – without using a pressure washer. Good roof maintenance can go a long way to fighting off problems that can lead to roof damage – and damage to the inside of your home.

We recommend having a roof inspection done regularly to ensure that you aren’t missing any maintenance. A trained roofing expert will see areas that need attention that you may not see. This will save you money in the long run, as you can be proactive about handling any repair needs.

Nearby Trees Can Cause Damage Requiring
Residential Roof Repair

While trees falling on your roof can cause roof damage, they don’t need to fall to impact your roof. A tree’s branches repeatedly scraping or putting pressure on your roof is one cause of roof damage. The solution is to trim those trees so that they aren’t reaching toward your roof line, even when the wind is blowing hard.

Trees show that a little bit of maintenance goes a long way in preventing damage to your roof.

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We serve the Placer County area with residential roof repairs. We’ll inspect your home to understand the extent of the damage, then recommend a path forward to a safe and secure roof. You can get started by scheduling an in-person consultation. You could also call us at 916-983-8801.