Your Guide To Residential Roof Repairs And
Roof Maintenance In Rocklin, CA

Lucero’s Roofing Offers Expertise On
Maintaining A Dependable Roof

Homeownership involves lots of small tasks that make sure your home functions and looks well. Your roof is certainly an important part of this, so residential roof repairs for your Rocklin, CA home are very important to ensure that your roof doesn’t leak or experience too much wear and tear.

Lucero’s Roofing loves working on roofs and keeping families like yours safe from the weather. We’ll explain how to do some of the basics of residential roof maintenance and what to keep an eye out for.

Keep Your Roof Free Of Debris To Avoid
Residential Roof Repair

The roof of your Placer County home should be free of debris, especially when it comes to tree leftovers like leaves and branches.

Leaves, branches, pinecones, and things that fall off trees have the potential to get wet and cause mold and algae growth on your roof. This is not good for your roofing materials, which, while well protected from the weather, can’t stop the growth of algae or mold. Eventually, these kinds of growths can lead to structural damage on your roof and mold getting into your home.

Mold represents a health threat to your family’s lungs and well-being. We suggest using a broom or leaf blower to clear debris off your roof. You should also have a professional roofing company perform an inspection to see if you have any further damage, including mold or algae growth.

Trim Your Trees To Preserve Your Roofing Materials

Trimming your trees helps not only for the tree’s health but also for the safety of your roof. We too often see damage to shingles and other roofing materials as tree branches cause excess wear and tear to homeowner’s roofs.

You could use a pole saw or hire a professional tree trimmer to cut some branches that are hanging too close to your roof. In addition to beating up your roof by moving in the wind, these branches can also fall on your roof after a storm, creating further damage.

So keep your roof and your trees happy by keeping those branches away from your home!

Maintain Your Gutters Well To Avoid Costly Roof Repairs

If your home has gutters without gutter guards, you’ll want to clean them on a regular basis. Why? Well, gutters can easily get plugged up with pinecones, needles, leaves, and anything else nature throws their way. Clogged gutters lead to water pooling, which can make your gutters strained and very heavy and cause leaks within your roofline.

So, maintain your gutters so they can put water into the right places – not near your roof!

Keep An Eye Out For Broken Shingles And Repairs Needs

While your trees and gutters are an important part of the safety of your home’s exterior, nothing replaces simply keeping an eye on your roof for any problems. We’ll say that when looking at your roof, your shingles should appear nice and flat with no curled edges. You should also be on the lookout for any missing shingles, as these are signs of definite damage.

Depending on the height of your home and the size of your roof, we might suggest using binoculars or your phone while zooming in with the camera feature. While you could climb on your roof to look at your shingles, we would leave that up to professional roofing contractors like ourselves.

Of course, if you see something, get help from us! Finding an issue is the first step in asking for help to get problems repaired before they become bigger.

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