A Roof With Damage In the Glacier Bay Area With Lucero’s Roofing

5 Signs That You Need A Residential Roof Replacement For Your Granite Bay Home

Turn To Lucero’s Roofing In Placer County To Find Out If You Need A Residential Roof Replacement

For many homeowners, roof damage can be subtle and difficult to spot, especially from the ground. While you might see rows of shingles that appear to be perfect, there are potential signs of issues hidden underneath – and small signs that are better viewed up close.

This is where a professional roofer can help. Lucero’s Roofing is here to help you find out if your Granite Bay home needs a residential roof replacement.

#1 Damaged Flashing Can Be Hard To See – And Lead To Residential Roof Replacement

Flashing is simply metal that helps bridge the gap between your roof and roof equipment, like your chimney and vents. Corrosion caused by weather and the elements can cause holes in flashing and allow water to leak into your home.

The biggest challenge here for a homeowner is knowing! Flashing is a bit difficult to see in some areas, where siding or other roofing materials can make it out of sight. Get the help of a professional roofing contractor to look for signs of damage.

#2 Blisters On Your Shingles Are A Sign Of Storm Damage

Blisters can appear on your shingles and make for the appearance of raised bumps or lowered dents. These are pretty common signs of hail damage to roofs, as hail can make some pretty serious impacts on shingles and even break them.

Hail somewhere usually means hail everywhere on your roof. Have a professional roof contractor come and help with a roof replacement in Granite Bay.

#3 Dips In Your Roof Often Require Roof Repairs Or Replacement

Roofs start with a plywood layer called decking. This decking can be damaged over time by a leak from the roof or even from excess moisture in your attic. As the decking rots, you’ll start to notice slight, then not-so-slight dips in your roof as the decking weakens.

A professional roofing contractor can help evaluate whether you need roof repair or replacement on your Placer County home.

#4 Wet Insulation In Your Attic Means Water Damage

If you’ve checked your attic recently and found wet insulation, you’ll want to know that wet insulation is a definite sign of a leak somewhere. One of the challenges with checking for wet insulation is that your attic can be hard to get to – and people don’t check for this specific kind of leak without seeing another leak in their house.

A leak into your attic can also have an impact on your energy bills as your insulation won’t perform as well.

#5 Water Stains Around Your Bathroom Fan Are A Sign Of Roof Damage

This one should be easier to notice. If you have discoloration or water stains around your bathroom fan, the source probably isn’t splashing in the bath or shower but rainfall and snowmelt from your vent cap.

The vent cap is generally sturdy and is most often made of aluminum, but the screws that hold it together and the flashing can have problems and allow water to leak through.

Call Lucero’s Roofing Of Glacier Bay About Residential Roof Replacement And Repair

Lucero’s Roofing has the expert eyes to look at your roof and spot problems before leaks happen – and to help repair roofs too. We proudly serve the Placer County area.

For over 30 years, we have been helping homeowners discover the cause of residential roofing damage and address those issues with ease. If these is something wrong with your roof, we guarantee that we will find it.

We would also love to meet you for an in-person consultation to discuss your roof issues and choose the perfect solution to meet your needs.